Entrance Doors

“Secured by Design: our entrance doors put your home’s safety first”

Our range of high performance entrance doors has safety and security at the heart of its manufacture, which is why all of our doors are tested to Pas24.

Available in single and double door configurations, our entrance doors offer a complete range of glazing formats and include several added security features, including multi-point locking mechanisms.

AluK entrance doors are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and formats to best complement your home.

  • Complete range of glazing, panel and hardware options available
  • Available in single or double door configurations
  • Accepts a full range of restrictors and access control devices
  • Available as a standard door option or with Pas23 / Pas24 upgrade
  • Multi-point locking mechanisms for enhanced security
  • Cloaking feature conceals lock and prevents any access to locking points
  • Single or dual colour options, polyester power coating and anodised finishes
  • ‘Secured by Design’ certified
  • Can easily be combined with all aluK window and door systems
  • Enhanced security and tested to Pas24

Family of locks

AluK offers a complete family of highly secure multi-point locks to ensure the safety of your home. these robust and reliable systems include:

  • Auto-Mechanical Lock a lock with push- back hooks that automatically engage when the door closes without lifting the handle, providing instant security
  • Auto-Electrical Mechanical Lock Push-back hooks are engaged electrically for immediate locking, with the added option of electronic access controls, such as intercoms, for enhanced security


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