Premium sliding doors

“Let the light into your home with high performance aluminium sliding doors”

We are proud to offer the aluK range of inline or lift-and-slide premium aluminium doors, representing premium performance complemented by stunning design.

They add a modern and stylish look to your home. The combination of their unique system design combined with a range of configurations will enhance your home whilst keeping the weather at bay.

  • Narrow profile with single, double or triple track options
  • A wide range of colours in single or dual colour options
  • A Complete range of handles, accessories, and security features
  • 3m high by over 3m wide panels
  • Smooth operation through stainless steel rollers
  • Lift and slide for large opening elements
  • Floor to ceiling height sliding panels
  • Can easily be combined with all aluK window and door systems


(A) One Panel Sliding
(B) Two Panel Sliding
(C) Three Panel, Single Sliding
(D) Three Panel Sliding
(E) Four Panel Sliding
(F) Six Panel, Four Sliding


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